Welcome to the official website of the 4th Geoplanning International Conference in Conjunction with the Development Planning Agency of Central Java (BAPPEDA) and Indonesia Researcher Union (Himpenindo). Bringing the success story of the first, second, and third Geoplanning Conference, the 4th Geoplanning will be held in The online conference, Indonesia, August 25-26, 2021. Every year, Geoplanning organizes international conferences which provide opportunities to exchange new ideas and application experiences in the fields of geomatics technologies for Urban and Regional Development.

The Geoplanning International Conference focuses on scientific works in the field of applied geomatics’ technologies for Urban & Regional planning and Development. The conference invites keynote speakers having international reputations and “calls for papers” to academics, researchers, professionals from universities, governments, private sectors, industries and other institutions to deliver their paper on the topics appropriate with the assigned themes and issues at that moment. In The 4th Geoplanning – International Conference on Geomatics and Planning 2021, the major issue determined is The Challenges of Pandemic Era:

“Geospatial Technologies, Spatial Planning, and Regional Development in Pandemic Era”.

Theme 1: Application of Geospatial Technology
Theme 2: Urban and Regional Resilience
Theme 3: Regional Development
Theme 4: Urban and Regional Infrastructures
Theme 5: Development Technologies
Theme 6: Regional Supply Chain

You are cordially invited to participate in the 4th Geoplanning – International Conference on Geomatics and Planning, which will be held on August 25-26th, 2021. If you are willing to submit your paper, please submit your abstract first. After the acceptance’s decision, you will be asked to complete the registration. When it is accomplished, we will send you an-ID and Password, using which you can submit your full paper. We wish you all the best for this conference and hope that it will provide you every opportunity for dialogue with colleagues from around the corner and around the world.